Support for Boris Johnson down to the last few deluded sycophants and simps

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Following his disastrous testimony in front of the Commons privileges committee, support for Boris Johnson has now fallen to the point that the only people publicly supporting him are the deluded sycophants and simps.

During last night’s Question Time, an audience which contained more people who voted for Boris in 2019 than any other political affiliation roundly refused to admit they still believed Boris, though many are still willing to deny that reality.

Boris fan Simon Williams told us, “I love Boris, and I will go to my grave insisting he’s the best thing that ever happened to this country – which he is if you ignore all the horrific stuff that he did and that happened while he was prime minister.

“Just because a room full of people who voted for Boris at the last election now say they don’t believe him anymore doesn’t mean he’s lost the public’s trust. It’s much more likely they all decided to lie, and secretly still support him.

“The people I speak to regularly still love him as much as they did in 2019. Well, I say ‘speak to’; it’s more like ‘chat with’ in our ‘We love Boris completely and unconditionally’ Facebook group.”

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Meanwhile, non-morons have welcomed the entertainment factor of watching Boris simps continuing to insist their hero still has a future in frontline politics.

Derek Matthews told us, “Oh, he’s toast. Everyone knows it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t amusing watching people trying to pretend he’s still got a shot at the top job.

“I’m sure it’s embarrassing for their loved ones watching them publicly debase themselves online like this in their unrelenting quest to promote Boris, but honestly, it takes all sorts. And it might be that being humiliated by better-informed strangers online is their kink. No judgement here.

“It will be especially funny when he loses his seat at the next election.”

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