Why I’ve changed my mind about MPs having £100k-a-year second jobs, now that I’ve got one – by Lee Anderson

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I realise the lefty woke mob will be calling me all the names under sun just because I’ve taken a high-paying second job a few short months after criticising MPs who take second jobs, but that’s because they don’t understand the real story, which I am going to share with you here today.

Having a weekly show on GB News, for which I will be paid £100k-a-year has given me a new perspective on how MPs struggle to make ends meet, and I also don’t think you should judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. – As a side point, I really can’t recommend highly enough going for a walk in these new shoes I just bought; they’re extremely comfortable. It’s actually quite funny how much better a £200 pair of shoes feels compared to those that cost £25.

Anyway, I digress. Yes, I did literally say the following about MPs getting second jobs: “We are paid handsomely for the job we do, and if you need an extra £100,000 a year on top, then you should really be looking for another job.” However, the reality is I said that without realising I could get one of those cushy £100k a year second jobs.

And now I can. GB News will pay me £100k a year to spend two hours a week demonising poor people, immigrants, trans people and whoever else is the current target of the culture war we in the Conservative party are so desperate to start ahead of next year’s election.

Yes, the money is nice, but honestly, I would have done this for free. I’m not going to, obviously, but I would have done. A prime-time television show with the opportunity to spread my bigotry directly into the nation’s ears? Who would turn that down? The £100k is just the icing on the cake. The icing that I’m definitely going to keep, for the record.

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Yes, I know I said Jess Phillips should donate her fee to good causes in her constituency after she got paid for an appearance on Have I Got News For You, but that’s different because now the money is in my bank account, not hers, and I would very much like to keep it there.

My story is one that should warm the hearts of Conservatives everywhere. I might have been a left-wing councillor who supported Jeremy Corbyn, but when it was worth a few quid to me to change my allegiance, I changed my red boxers for blue quicker than Usain Bolt on his way to the loo after a dodgy biriani.

And yes, I might have been very public in my opposition against MPs taking high-paying second jobs, but that was before I was personally benefitting from one.

Please do not think this is the end of my flip-flopping. It is not. I have many other beliefs that I am willing to sacrifice the very moment the money is right – and I will do it happily, and without shame.

It’s the Tory way.

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