Oasis fans excited at possible reunion that could see Liam singing Oasis songs live, just like he’s been doing since 2009

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Oasis fans have reacted with joy and excitement today as a possible reunion gets closer,  which could actually see Liam sing all the old Oasis songs live, just like he has been doing for the last 14 years. 

With Noel Gallagher fuelling speculation of a comeback,  fans of the band have revealed their excitement at the prospect of actually seeing Liam belt out Live Forever on stage, like he did on tour last year.  

Oasis fan Simon Williams enthused, “Oh my god! This is so exciting. Liam, on stage, in the flesh, singing Oasis songs!

“This will be so amazing. I haven’t seen Liam singing Rock ‘n’ Roll Star since I went to see him in concert last year. 

“Imagine seeing him belting out Live Forever again, like he does at every gig.  

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“I can’t believe it. I really hope it happens, so I can go and see him sing Champagne Supernova live man! Again. Like last year.  

“But for about £90 a ticket this time.”

Asked if it will not be different having Noel stood next to him on the stage, throwing in the odd harmony, we were told, “Erm yeah… sure. Really different.”

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