Boris Johnson set to use committee appearance as stepping stone to Saturday teatime TV career

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Loveable law-breaker and ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson will use today’s televised appearance before the Parliamentary Privileges committee as a stepping-stop to a future career doing early evening ITV shows on Saturday evening.

“This is Boris back on TV, and he’s not going to waste the opportunity,” said a supporter of Johnson.

“He’ll tell some jokes; he’ll be charming, I know he’s got a great idea to gunge someone that will have the audience in stitches. He’s even planning to bring in his ukelele, and get everyone to have a nice big singalong.

“He’ll stay away from anything too blue; this will be good family entertainment. If I were an ITV producer, I’d make sure I was watching because this committee appearance is going to introduce a major new light entertainment talent.”

Boris himself has remained coy about his plans.

“I’d just make sure I watch it if I were you. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun. It’s going to be a few hours of great entertainment.”

It is widely thought that what will actually happen is that Boris will forget to comb his hair, fart continually throughout proceedings and then make a pass at Harriet Harman.

He is not expected to secure a contract for any Saturday evening TV work.