Nobody sure if Donald Trump should be tried as an adult

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With his arrest impending and the $250m civil fraud trial of former President Trump beginning in New York, the next question facing lawyers is whether he should be tried as an adult.

Described as a tricky procedural question, some lawyers point to the President’s temporal age as being on his birth certificate to support a motion that Trump is – legally speaking – a “grown-up”.

However, other legal experts insist there is decades of documentary evidence to the contrary, and that the former President should be held in court as a minor at best.

A judge is expected to rule on the matter after not just checking basic things like times and dates, but also looking at just about anything Trump has said or done in the last thirty years.

“It could go either way on that basis,” confirmed Attorney Simon-Bob Williams.

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“If Donald Trump is tried as an adult, he could be in big trouble.

“But if he’s legally a child, then Stormy Daniels would be in even bigger trouble.”

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