“Strikes never achieve anything”, insists man who has seemingly missed the whole Gary Lineker thing

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People who take strike action never achieve anything, and only cause pain and suffering for normal working people, according to a man who seemingly missed the news about Gary Lineker this morning.

As junior doctors begin a three-day strike over pay and conditions, Derek Williams has insisted they should just get back to work because withholding your labour never achieves anything.

He explained, “It’s all utterly futile. As if junior doctors refusing to work will make even a tiny bit of difference to the people in charge of their pay and conditions. They’re just punishing normal people by doing this.

“It never works, and these people will never learn.”

However, others were quick to point out how the BBC has undertaken a complete U-turn on the Gary Lineker issue after his colleagues withheld their labour in protest at his treatment for expressing a genuinely held opinion on a topical subject.

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“Well, that’s different,” explained Williams.

“Just because a load of BBC presenters can achieve the change they wanted just by refusing to work, doesn’t mean it’s an effective negotiating tool for anyone else who feels they are being poorly treated by their employers.

“Using evidence that strike action works as a reason to justify strike action is basically communism.”

I agree with Gary – get the T-shirt!