Everyone will just have to work a bit harder, insists retired Brexiteer

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A retiree can’t understand why moving the retirement age is a problem for anyone who has yet to retire.

“In my day, we used to WORK!” bellowed Derek Williams, a retired factory technician.

“All this retiring at 67, I don’t know what they’re bloody moaning about. I wouldn’t have minded working ’til I was 67. I got made redundant at 55, so I don’t need to. But I could if I wanted to.

“Well, I don’t want to; it ought to be the turn of the soft lefty blobs to continue the proud manufacturing tradition which we destroyed in the 1980s by inventing new things.”

Mr Williams’s nephew commented, “Far from being the patriotic powerhouse of production he claims to be, from what I’ve heard at family gatherings, my uncle spent most of his career organising strikes at British Leyland.

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“Therefore, he is directly responsible for militant unionism driving automotive manufacturing moving overseas and indirectly responsible for the influx of cheap foreign labour that he claims to despise, despite needing them to do absolutely everything for him.

“At Christmas, he refers to everyone my age as ‘layabouts’, despite the fact that I’ve now got to work as a bricklayer until I’m 70.”