New swearing World Record set by BMW driver stuck behind a road gritter

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A man driving a brand new ’23 plated BMW has broken the World Record for continuous swearing after being unable to overtake a road gritter for almost 2 miles of Country road near his residence in Bedfordshire.

Peter, a 48-year-old Project Manager from Luton, says he was taking a short-cut to avoid the traffic on the A1 one morning last week, only to become bumper-buddies with a 30 Tonne road gritter that “was having none of it” when Peter had been honking to pass.

The record was set when Peter, who had been dialled into a conference call and assumed he was on mute, set about taking to foul language to offset his ongoing disappointment at being unable to overtake.

Some NINETY-SEVEN swear words were used in a rant spanning two and a half minutes before his colleagues halted the meeting and got in touch with the team at the Guinness World Book of Records.

Peter says he will collect his certificate this Saturday after he’s had the front of his new M3 repainted.