Sue Gray admits to previous job at Barnard Castle

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Sue Gray has admitted to a previous role as a security guard at Barnard Castle, it has been revealed today.

With news emerging earlier that the party gate investigator has been offered a job with the Labour Party,  further news has now emerged that she once worked at Barnard Castle during Covid, and may have seen some people there.  

Speaking earlier, she declared, “Yes I worked there for a bit,  what of it?

“People have other jobs, and I did a little part-time work there during Covid, as a security guard.

“I might have spotted some people there when they shouldn’t have been,  and told the papers and the police.

“It doesn’t mean anything,  it’s fine, it was just another job.” 

Asked if she had had any other previous jobs that we should know about, we were told, “I also worked in a really expensive wallpaper shop, just for a bit. You wouldn’t have gone in there, the prices were ridiculous.”