McDonald’s takes out restraining order against Lee Anderson to prevent him from spending all day spying on their customers

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Fast food restaurant McDonald’s has taken out a restraining order against 30p Lee Anderson after he revealed he sees the same customers there several times a week.

In a completely ‘on brand’ speech in which he vilified foodbank users who had the temerity to visit a fast food restaurant, Anderson explained that he had seen one family several times in a single week – something he would only know if he himself had been there all week.

A lawyer for McDonald’s said, “Statistically speaking, the chances of Lee Anderson being at the McDonald’s in question at the exact same time as the family in question – three times in one week – is vanishingly small.

“The only logical conclusion is that he was there the ENTIRE time, in a desperate attempt to ensure he saw every family during every visit. As such, my client has taken out a restraining order to prevent Mr Anderson from hanging around Mcdonald’s restaurants in the hope of glimpsing people he doesn’t believe should be allowed to eat fast food.

“Of course, it’s also entirely possible he was lying about seeing them, that this family is completely fictional and his speech was merely an attempt to pander to his right-wing base using falsehoods to demonise a group of vulnerable people. But what sort of human being would do that sort of thing?

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“So, instead of complaining about struggling families that might have decided to pay £3.49 for a child’s Happy Meal as a treat, perhaps he would be better spent querying why the taxpayer spends £4m a year to subsidise the food he eats at the House of Commons restaurant?”