Matt Hancock cancels appearance on Michael McIntyre’s ‘Send to All’

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Matt Hancock has cancelled his upcoming appearance on Michael McIntyre’s ‘Send to All’ section of his Saturday night Big Show.

A fuming Matt Hancock confirmed that he would be cancelling the appearance earlier, stating no f**ker was going near his phone ever again. 

Speaking earlier, he told us, “Yeah, I’ve changed my mind.

“I was going to go on Michael’s ‘hilarious’ show and let him have a good look at my phone, but I don’t really want to anymore, you know, just because.

“And I was quite happy for him to send an outlandish text message to everyone in my contact list to see what hilarious responses I got.

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“But now I don’t think that’s such a great idea, just in case everyone thinks I’m being serious or something.”

Asked what message he thinks the funny man could have sent to really fool his friends and family we were told, “I don’t know…. something like an apology or something. You know for f**king everything up and killing all those old people.”