Tories get Brexit done! Again!

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Rishi Sunak has announced that his government has got Brexit done! Again!

“I am pleased to announce that, once again, we have got Brexit done,” said Mr Sunak as he announced a new EU deal that will finally put the whole issue of Brexit to rest once and for all, for at least six months, maybe even a year.

“We got Brexit done almost four years ago, and we got Brexit done again this weekend. I’m fairly sure we got Brexit done again last year, as well, but I can’t quite remember. There was a lot going on.

“This is not a time for partisan squabbling, but I would ask – how many times have Labour got Brexit done in the last seven years? Not once. Not at all. We’ve managed it at least twice, possibly three times. We are the party of getting Brexit done!”

Brexit fan Simon Williams was thrilled that we’ve got Brexit done again.

He told us, “Great news. Well done! I love getting Brexit done, me. I’ll probably put on some Union Jack socks and strut about chuntering a load of nonsense about freedom and sovereignty to celebrate.”

Following news that the Tories have got Brexit done again, it is expected that Mr Sunak will announce plans to get Brexit done again later this Autumn, just as it starts to turn chilly, and then again next year, just before an election.