Man who spent over a grand to see the northern lights in Iceland last month now feeling a bit silly

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A man from Yorkshire who spent more than a fair amount of his hard-earned cash on four nights in Reykjavík is now absolutely kicking himself.

Simon Williams, a retired staple manufacturer from Bradford, had hoped to see the famous northern lights before he died and so booked the trip for himself and his wife to mark his sixty-eighth birthday in January.

“When I used to hear people talking about ‘the northern lights’ I had always assumed they were talking about the Blackpool illuminations,” he told us.

“But then when we got t’internet in 2014, I had a quick search, and it turned out they were talking about these beautiful lights in the sky – the ‘areola boorish’ or somethin’.

“I added it to me bucket list there and then and started savin me pennies. If I’d have known I could have sat in me own bleedin’ back garden and watched ’em then obviously I would have done so and saved meself a load of money,” he bemoaned, staring glumly out of his lounge window at the hues of green, white and red dancing merrily across the Yorkshire night sky.

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“It was cloudy every night we were in Iceland, so I didn’t see a thing, as it ‘appens.”

He added, “And you wouldn’t believe the cost of a pint out there, ee ba gum!”

According to reports, the Icelandic tourist board have expressed concern that if sightings of the Aurora Borealis become a regular occurrence in Britain, then tourism could now drop significantly, and so in an attempt to lure visitors, they are considering halving the price of alcohol to only twenty quid a pint.