Trading Standards forces European Research Group to change its name to British Ignorance Group

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British political pressure caucus, the European Research Group, has been told to change its name by Trading Standards after it was found to have no ties to Europe and that it ignores all research that doesn’t confirm its own biases.

The ERG will be known as the British Ingnorance Group moving forward, ensuring consumers of news and current affairs will have a much clearer idea of who they are, and what they do.

Trading Standards spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “You could be forgiven for thinking the European Research Group was an organisation of serious researchers, analysing data and researching ways to work better with Europe – but it is not. It’s actually a group of frothing right-wing reactionaries who will happily ignore the economic realities of Brexit if they can have a good old moan at bendy bananas.

“We feel that this name change is good for politics and good for the consumers of politics.”

However, the Chairman of the newly-named British Ignorance Group, Mark Francois, expressed his dismay at the news. He told reporters, “This is a disgusting overreach by Trading Standards. If they are to go about forcing politicians to be more honest about their activities, then it could be the end of politics as we know it.

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