After 52% of frogs voted to Leave the pond and get in the pot, the latest small temperature increase has been dismissed as “scaremongering”

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Frogs that backed leaving the pond to go it alone in the large pot of water in the kitchen are today dismissing concerns about a tiny temperature rise in the water.

It has been several hours since the historic referendum in which 52% of the frog population said they would like to leave the pond – where they are forced to share with all the other species – and try their luck by going it alone in the pot.

However, the latest small temperature rise inside the pot has been used by ‘Remainers’ to insist that leaving the pot was clearly the wrong decision. A position refuted by Leave voters.

Simon Williams, a 12-year-old frog, was a staunch supporter of the campaign to Leave the pond and get into the pot, and told us, “Remember all those frogs who tried to scare everyone by saying we’d be ‘boiled alive’ if we left the pond and decided to go it alone in the pot? How ridiculous they were, it was CLEARLY all part of project fear.

“A tiny temperature increase in the last few minutes is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Did you know that the pond is actually warmer than it was first thing this morning? but of course you don’t hear the Remainers going on about that, do you?”

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As the temperature continued to rise, Williams sat defiantly at the bottom of the pot.

He went on, “All of these tiny, barely perceptible temperature rises are nothing to worry about, and certainly don’t add up to something that might indicate we made the wrong decision.

“I’m sorry? You’re asking me about the tiny bubbles appearing on the bottom of the pot? Yeah, that’s nothing to worry about. I knew we’d see a few bubbles appearing along the way if we voted to Leave, I’m fine with it – it’s what I voted for!”

Project Fear – now Project Told You So