Trey Parker and Matt Stone accept invitation to sing at coronation of King Charles III

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The creators of ‘South Park’, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have revealed their surprise at being asked to open the ceremony for the King’s upcoming coronation with a selection of upbeat songs of their choosing.

Trey told reporters, “Honestly, we weren’t expecting it.

“We were just out here doing the Lord’s work. For our recent episode of South Park, ‘Worldwide privacy Tour’, Matt took twenty-two hours to perfect the shading on the prince’s blue penis. To be recognised for our devotion to the arts by the King of England is truly a blessing.”

“Oh yeah,” Matt added.

“It’s so great to be recognised. Prince William even reached out through his representative, offering us citizenship and a knighthood. His wife is a huge fan; she’s been watching our recent episode on repeat.

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“Apparently, after we’ve serenaded the crowds, we are being put on a table with Harry and Meghan, which will be nice.”