Women finally admit ‘ability to flip pancake’ ranks higher than ‘muscles’

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Women have finally admitted there is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to flip a pancake.

After years spent sculpting rock hard abs, men everywhere have reacted with dismay that it’s pancake flipping that truly drives women wild.

Debbie Williams told us, “Oh my god, I can’t control myself when I see it. The nonchalant flick of the wrist, seeing the pancake turn almost poetically in the air, before watching land perfectly in the pan.

“Right. On. The spot. The little slap it makes as it lands always makes me squeal.

“There is no bigger turn off than some fumbling idiot burning one side before sticking it to the ceiling.

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“But when they get right, oh my. You just know that any man who can slide the pancake around like that and finish it to perfection would know how to do the same in the bedroom.

“I’ll be honest, I spent years only going out with men who could dance, and what a bunch of preening arseholes they turned out to be.

“But my ex, Trevor – boy – he could flip pancakes all day long without dropping one, and let me tell you, that guy knew how to flip more than just a pancake.”

We caught up with Trevor who told us, “There’s no secret, I just find anything to do with my wrist pretty easy.

“I’ve essentially been training it since I was a teenager.”