‘I didn’t start it’, insists man who clearly started it 

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A man has insisted today that he didn’t start the war in Ukraine, despite having clearly started the war in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin made his claim earlier in a speech against the West where he claimed he definitely hadn’t started any wars, twelve months after starting a war in full view of the entire planet.

Speaking earlier during his address, he stated, “We didn’t start anything.

“It was them who started it, by doing absolutely nothing and not causing any conflict whatsoever. Just by going about their business, they clearly started it.

“All we did was invade a country, and then everyone starts getting upset and telling us to go home, it’s pretty mean, actually. 

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“None of this would have happened if they would have just let us do what we want and take over the country, so this is effectively all their fault.

“So we didn’t start a thing, and it definitely wasn’t our fault.”

Asked if invading another country could not be considered as ‘starting the war’, he raged, “Well, if you want to pick the bones out of it… jeez.”