Liz Truss wins Bafta for her comedy documentary ‘My Tory Government’

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Former prime minister Liz Truss has secured a Bafta for her hilarious comedy documentary about her time in Downing Street.

The former PM, who directed, wrote and starred in the brilliant farce, picked up the gong yesterday and genuinely smiled for the first time in almost a year.

Bafta judge Simon Williams explained their decision, telling the press, “We were impressed with how Liz Truss managed to write and film a documentary that was both terrifying and laugh-out-loud funny in equal measure.

“The constant juxtaposition of footage of herself standing outside Downing Street firmly promising this and that, followed by footage the next day of her plans going catastrophically wrong was a stroke of genius.

“And then to repeatedly have her promise of ‘growth’ lead to an unprecedented collapse in the UK economy either was brilliant. We haven’t seen farcical incompetence of this standard since Michael Crafrod brought Frank Spencer to life.

“It’s like, we’re rumbling towards the cliff-edge of a collapsed currency, which is scary, but look, here she smiling while firing the man who did exactly what she told him. It’s simply genius story-telling!”

Fellow judge Christoper James piped up, “The format is brilliant too – to film a documentary in real-time, as it were, and release it in segments on the news is quite groundbreaking.

“It’s just a shame we’ll only ever get this one season.”

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