Arsenal release updated club crest showing wheels have completely come off 

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Arsenal have revealed their brand new club crest which they will be using for the rest of the season, where the wheels have completely fallen off the club cannon.

With the gunners now battling for 6th place in the league, after going completely to shit in the last few weeks, a new club crest showing the famous club cannon minus its wheels will be proudly displayed on team shirt for the remainder of another trophyless season. 

A Spokesperson for the club confirmed, “It was good while it lasted.

“We have decided to remove the wheels from our club crest, due to the fact that the wheels have well and truly come off our so-called amazing ‘unbeatables-esque’ season, and we are now going to win f**k all. Again.

“Obviously it was great being at the top, a few points clear with games in hand, but let’s face it, everyone knew we would f**k it up and the wheels would eventually come off. 

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“Which they have, and which is why we have celebrated the accuracy of that prediction with a brand new club logo, showing the state of our season.”

Asked if they would take 6th place right now we were told, “I’d snap your hand off, mate.”