Woman buys chair that no-one will ever be allowed sit on

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A Basingstoke woman has treated herself to a new vintage chair that no-one will ever be able to sit on.

Sharon Williams, 42, said the vintage chair “spoke to her” when she saw it online, and was instantly convinced the chair would be the finishing touch she needed to complete the bedroom redecoration that has been her ongoing project since the last lockdown.

Meanwhile, her husband Simon has been left thoroughly bemused by the concept of a chair that you must not sit on.

Simon told us, “Sharon been very clear that the chair is not to be sat on. It belongs under the window in the bedroom, at a slightly jaunty angle, but should not ever be a place that you sit – no matter how comfortable it looks.

“Yes, I have tried pointing out that it was designed to be sat on, and that it even has a padded area designed to make it more pleasant for any arses that come to rest upon it, but Sharon is adamant that the chair is for looking at and nothing else.

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“I made the mistake of draping a pair of jeans over it yesterday. The reaction I got you’d think I’d taken a shit in her handbag.”

Sharon told us, “The chair looks really pretty, and I like it. Can’t that be enough? It helps if you think of it as a piece of art, rather than as a piece of furniture.

“It’s no surprise Simon doesn’t understand; when anyone mentions art, he still pictures dogs playing pool.”

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