Royal Family criticised for launching coronation emblem that uses Comic Sans

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Buckingham Palace is facing criticism today for launching King Charles III’s coronation emblem using the least popular font on the planet.

The emblem confirms the date as the 6th May, 2023, but the choice of Comic Sans as the font has left many bemused.

“I would have thought some elegant serif would be more appropriate for the monarchy, but I guess this is part of them trying to modernise?” explained one royal fan.

Another told us, “I won’t let my children attend a birthday party of the invite includes Comic Sans, but this is the coronation, so I guess I’m going to have to watch at least.”

However, not everyone is happy, with anti-monarchist Simon Williams telling us, “The use of comic sans is an affront to common decency. This is worse than Prince Andrew’s noncing and all the picking-on-Meghan stuff. They disgust me.”

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Meanwhile, graphic designers have hailed the move, with one insisting, “The choice of font is truly representative of the royal family. It’s obviously very outdated, but it’s mostly harmless, even though it causes lots of people to get angry for no real reason.

“But of course, you don’t have to curtsey in front of a font, and it’s free.”