Medical advances mean faces that stayed like that following the wind changing could now be repaired

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There was excitement in the world of medicine at the revelation of new technology that is able to repair faces that have stayed like that after the wind changes.

“It’s often a problem with children. They find it amusing to pull funny faces, not knowing the dangers that a sudden change of wind could pose to them,” said Doctor Simon Williams, an expert in funny faces.

“So, we regularly see kids whose faces have stayed like that when they were sticking their tongue out, pulling their cheeks apart, or putting their tongue between their teeth and lower lip and belming.

“This new advance means we can now finally help these kids. It’s really exciting.”

The technology is a giant wind machine that can simulate a sudden change of wind under controlled conditions. The patient’s face is contorted back to its state before the original wind-changing event. The machine then simulates another change of wind and the patient’s face then stays like that.

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“I’ve seen it work, and it’s pretty incredible,” continued Dr Williams.

“The only real concern is that the operators have to learn to keep their face in as neutral a position as possible. In early tests, one technician was biting her bottom lip whilst concentrating as she performed the operation, and her face stayed like that.”

Excitingly, as well as the wind-changing advances, there have also been some developments in technology to reduce nose size due to lying and to boost the ability to see in the dark for people who didn’t eat enough carrots.