As Titanic hits 25, Leonardo DiCaprio has himself edited out and digitally inserted into a much younger film

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Titanic is now ‘too old’ for Leonardo DiCaprio, and the Hollywood star is to be digitally removed and added to a younger picture, according to reports today.

The blockbuster hit – one of the most successful films ever made – is starting to show its age, and although many people still consider it beautiful, DiCaprio has actioned his team to find him a younger movie.

Some of Hollywood’s finest FX professionals have been drafted in to edit Leo out and replace him with an actor who is prepared to be seen with something so old.

“We’re thinking Keanu Reeves,” said FX supervisor Simon Williams.

“He’s literally been seen with women over forty, so if we drop him into the film it should be good for several more decades.”

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In the meantime, it is understood Leonardo will appear in a new cut of Avatar: The Way of Water, which will explore the passionate love between a bloke approaching fifty and a teenager in swimwear.

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