USA shoots big balloon, wins cuddly toy

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America has chosen one of the big prizes from the top shelf after successfully popping a balloon with a gun from SUPER far away.

Following a lovely trip to the funfair which included dodgems, rollercoasters and accusations of international espionage, the USA rounded off the trip with a quick game of “Pop the Big Balloon”.

“Oh well done,” commented Xi Jinping, owner of the carnival game.

“You’ve shot down the big weather balloon with ‘SpyTech’ written down the side. That gets you one of the big prizes from the top shelf!”

“Great!” said an excited America, “We’ll take the giant Winnie the Pooh please!

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“Yes, please get him out of my sight,” said a relieved Xi Jinping. “People keep saying I look like him.”

America commented, “We always do really well at the shooting games, ever since high school.

“Though I’m not sure that was actually a weather balloon and the man at the stand seemed almost annoyed that we had shot it.

“Oh well, look at this massive Winnie the Pooh we won! I can’t wait to show NATO.”