Rishi Sunak insists he’s not on strike

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Rishi Sunak has insisted today that he is not on strike, despite doing literally nothing.

With the Prime Minister missing as usual as the country goes to shit, sources inside Downing street have confirmed that he is, in fact, still working and definitely not on strike. Apparently.

A Spokesperson for the government confirmed, “No, no he’s not on strike, we promise.

“We would like to formally confirm that the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is NOT currently on strike and is indeed still running the country. Definitely.

“Whilst we appreciate that he has literally done f**k all for the last few weeks as the rest of the country takes industrial action, he is not on strike himself and is actually at work, so we believe.

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“He is also not on holiday, ill, or out of the county on business, so we’ve been told.”

Asked if the Prime Minister is likely to appear in public himself to confirm that he is not on strike, we were told, “Yes. Definitely. We just erm…. Does anyone know where he is?”