Manchester City’s funding irregularities disappear after Sheikh Mansour buys the Premier League

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Just hours after Man City were charged by Premier League with numerous breaches of financial rules following a four-year investigation, those same charges have been declared null and void by the league’s new owner, Sheikh Mansour.

With more than 100 charges going back nine seasons, there was an expectation that Man City might finally face a few consequences for their decision to turn premier league football into a boring billionaire’s plaything.

However, a behind-closed-doors deal was struck in the early morning, and the Premier League is now owned by Sheikh Mansour, who has changed the rules to allow teams owned by him to do whatever the hell they like.

The new Premier league owner told reporters, “There is no problem that can not be solved by throwing money at it. I promise you this.

“A player is playing well against us and stopping us winning? We buy him. A player is wanted by the competition that might stop us winning? We buy him. The league wants to fine us and potentially dock us points to stop us winning? We buy it. It is simple.

“I want to make the Premier League the best in the world, and I will start by docking Arsenal 10 points for failing to adequately disclose their intention to become good at football.”