Man City deny all charges after hiring new club lawyer

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Manchester City has denied all charges against them by the Premier League in relation to financial irregularities, according to their newly-hired hot-shot lawyer. 

With news emerging earlier that the Premier League has charged the club with a number of breaches of financial rules, City have immediately looked to defend themselves this morning by announcing the charges will be defended in full by their brand new legal team comprising of New Mexico native, Saul Goodman.

Speaking earlier, Goodman declared, “My client is innocent of all charges, and that will be shown in court. If goes that far, obviously.

“I have been asked to defend the club this morning over what are clearly false claims of financial irregularities. This is a stitch-up and the authorities have clearly overstepped here.

“I would therefore like to say that all of these allegations will be defended to the fullest extent of the law, and reiterate once again that the club has done nothing wrong, or so they tell me, and I believe them. It’s a very trustworthy group here. I wouldn’t work for them if they weren’t, would I?

“Obviously there have been one or two VERY substantial sponsorship deals over the years which will fully explain the club’s unprecedented spending power and are totally above board and within the rules.

“Such as our £100bn shoelace sponsors, which we were obviously delighted with.”

Asked if we will be able to see Roberto Mancini’s payslips from when he was in charge, we were told, “Yes, definitely. Not his bank statements, though. Christ no.”