Man chooses his arrival at front of coffee shop queue as perfect time to read menu

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A London man has shocked fellow customers by choosing his arrival at the front of the coffee shop queue as the perfect time to review the options before him on the menu.

Simon Williams, 55, is visiting London today on business, and with an hour between meetings decided to pop out for a coffee.

“Yes, it was a very busy place,” explained Williams. “Lots of people queueing, all looking like they were in a big hurry. No-one ever takes their time any more, do they?

“Anyway, before I knew it, this lovely European girl asked me what I wanted, but I had no idea – you can’t just have a ‘coffee’ these days, can you?

“So I asked her about a few of the things on the menu; just stuff like what was in them, and how they’re made – I didn’t know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino, but I do now. Anyway, apparently the closest thing to what I actually wanted was a ‘flat white’. I’ll know next time.”

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Williams left with his coffee seemingly unaware how close he came to being on the receiving end of physical violence, or that he had pushed one gentleman’s blood pressure so dangerously high that he would be suffering a stroke any minute now.