The only reason my economic plan failed is because the financial markets are full of communists, by Liz Truss

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My economic plan for this country was a work of genius, and the only reason we are not reaping the rewards today is because the financial markets are run by communists and leftist ideologues.

My 2012 opus ‘Britannia Unchained’ laid the foundations for the mini-budget delivered by my new regime, so I fail to see how anyone could have been surprised by the contents. It was all there if any of you had been bothered to look.

I felt that an unprecedented cost of living crisis was the perfect time to introduce a budget that gave a totally unfunded tax cut to higher rate income tax payers, forced 120,000 people on benefits to try harder to get work or face sanctions, and scrapped a number of measures designed to bring in a little bit more tax from people who could afford it.

The only explanation for the catastrophe that followed is that city workers who trade in bonds and currencies are communists and left-wing ideologues who would rather see this country collapse in on itself rather than have give some real freedom to its people.

Scaredy cat risk-averse traders ruined everything, and they did it because of their politics. Not because they saw a disaster unfolding before them in that UK government bonds were no longer worth the paper they were written on and the pound was suddenly a very risky investment indeed, but because they knew their liberal ideals would be made to look like the nonsense they so clearly are if a genuine right-wing government was a success.

They had to ruin my plan, and so ruin it they did.

In years to come my plan to cut the taxes of the rich and make things harder for the poor during an unprecedented cost of living crisis will be seen as the nation’s biggest missed opportunity.

It is an economic philosophy from which I will never waver. I don’t care how many times we try it or how many times it goes disastrously, I will always believe that the next time we try the same thing it will work perfectly.

It’s the very definition of positive thinking.

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