Movie cops warn Catherine Cawood what happens to police 48 hours from retirement

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Being 48 hours from retirement is the single most dangerous point in a cop’s career, movie police have warned West Yorkshire Sergeant Catherine Cawood today.

As the clock ticks down to the end of her career and a planned happy retirement driving a camper van around the Himalayas, Cawood has been advised not to get her hopes up as literally everyone knows what happens when you do that.

The odds rise exponentially if you’re trying to wrap up a final case involving a charming yet psychotic serial killer with a grudge to settle.

Sergeant Roger Murtagh from Lethal Weapon told us; “Between being one week from retirement and the day arriving I was literally blown up, shot, stabbed, in no less than three car chases, a crash, and kicked in the head by Jet Li.”

“I’m just saying be careful is all. It all happens at once.”

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Meanwhile, British police have warned that PC Jack Dixon of Dixon of Dock Green was shot and killed just before retiring in The Blue Lamp, but at least he got better for the next series.