Relief that Shell profits don’t seem to have been hit by energy crisis

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There is widespread relief throughout the country that oil company Shell’s profits haven’t been affected by the energy crisis.

Thankfully, despite the entire world facing enormously challenging fuel costs, Shell has reported the highest profits in their entire 115-year history.

“I mean, that’s a weight off my mind, it really is,” explained Simon Williams, a primary school teacher in Bridlington who was waiting in a queue for a food bank.

“All last year. Ever since we started to get a feel for how bad this energy crisis really is, my only thought has been for companies like Shell and whether or not they’ll have the highest profits in their history or not.

“I was really worried those Shell executives might not be able to afford that third holiday in Aruba. Or would have to drop the temperature in their swimming pools – I mean, God knows, no one likes a tepid swimming pool.  

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“It really would have been tough for them, really tough. So, I’m just glad that whatever happens. No matter how bad things get, Shell is going to be fine.”

Whilst the relief is palpable that Shell and their executives will be fine there is still some concern that other oil companies, BP and Exxon Mobil, for example, may not make staggeringly vast profits and may be forced to survive on just their normally massive profits instead.