Daddy Pig ‘deeply hurt’ at being called a Gammon

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Hardcore Remain campaigners have caused Daddy Pig ‘considerable upset’ after levelling abuse at him in public – including calling him a ‘Gammon’, which he found deeply insensitive.

Mister Potato, who is accused of using his popular television show to air anti-Brexit views and not being ‘balanced’ enough, made the allegation on air when everyone was watching – leading to many locals grunting and squeaking in hilarity.

“It was actually very hurtful”, Daddy Pig told us. “Gammon being a large piece of meat potentially made from my own body and consumed as food; it made me aware of my own vulnerability and mortality. I actually cried.

“Just because I’m bright pink, grossly overweight and speak mostly in grunts doesn’t automatically mean I voted leave,” Daddy Pig told us.

“Although to be fair, I did.

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“I love Europe. I once went to Italy and stayed with a family of goats, and Mummy Pig’s favourite food is spaghetti, which just proves how cosmopolitan I am.

“Mister Potato is just a quisling Remoaner traitor who should get over it or be made into chips.”

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