Deadline day shock as Boris Johnson joins Labour until the end of the season

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Boris Johnson is set to join Labour until the end of the season it has been revealed this afternoon. 

With transfer deadline day set to conclude at 11pm this evening, news has emerged in the last hour that a dramatic late bid has been accepted for the former Prime Minister to join Labour on loan until the end of the season. 

A spokesperson for Labour confirmed, “He just needs to undergo a medical.

“We can confirm that Boris will be joining Labour on loan in order to bolster our attacking options going into the summer.

“There will be an option for him to stay into the next General Election depending on performances.

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“It’s a great signing for Labour. Obviously there are thousands of people out there who for some bizarre reason continue to support Boris, so we can now count on their support going forward, especially if they find Kier Starmer a bit boring.

“We are hoping he will continue to behave with the same flagrant disregard for the rules and a complete lack of moral compass which has made him so popular amongst Tories in order to steal their votes.”

Asked if they considered any other signings we were told, “Jacob Rees Mogg’s agent said he was desperate to come, but f**k that.”