Jimmy Carr appointed as Conservative Party Chairman

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Jimmy Carr has been appointed as the new Conservative Party Chairman it has been revealed today. 

Following the news that Nadhim Zahawi has been sacked from his role as Chairman following an investigation into his tax affairs, further news has now emerged that comedian and massive tax fan, Jimmy Carr, has immediately been placed in the role. 

A spokesperson for the government confirmed, “Rishi has done some background checks to our usual thorough standard, and we think he’s perfect for the role.

“We can confirm today that following the sacking of Nadhim Zahawi for clearly trying to avoid paying taxes, we have decided to appoint Jimmy Carr as the new party Chairman. 

“Everyone knows that Jimmy is a straight-up guy when it comes to taxes, and we’re sure he’ll fit right in.”

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Asked if Rishi Sunak has made ANY enquiries this time about who he might be giving a top job to we were told, “Definitely, he’s all over it. He even asked Gary Barlow for advice on the matter.”

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