1970s comedy writers apologise for not accurately predicting which jokes would be acceptable in 2020s

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Comedy writers who worked in the 1970s have offered their sincere apologies for failing to accurately predict what would be an acceptable joke in the year 2023.

With many overly-sensitive pricks criticising shows such as Are You Being Served and Til Death Do Us Part and even The Life of Brian for using “inappropriate subjects” for humour, writers working at the time have held their hands up and openly admitted their culpability in writing unacceptable jokes.

Retired comedy writer Simon Williams told us, “Yes, we knew what we were doing, and there was always a chance that the jokes we were making would be deemed unfunny in about forty years – it was a big concern for us, and was always at the top of our list of worries.

“But, ultimately, we thought it was a risk worth taking, and we focussed instead on getting a laugh from the people that would be watching our shows within a few months, instead of those who would be hate-watching it several decades later.

“Obviously we wouldn’t have made this many jokes about the wordplay between a woman’s pet cat and her vagina if we had known it would ultimately be considered offensive to people who wouldn’t even be born for another fifteen years.

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“For that, we offer our sincere and heartfelt apologies.”

Williams went on to offer a gentle warning to those criticising him and his fellow 1970’s writers.

He explained, “You should be careful, because when we get to 2060, and it’s suddenly considered taboo to criticise people who can’t accurately predict the future, history is going to reveal you to be a proper sanctimonious prick.”