Season 2 of Harry and Meghan sees Meghan develop superpowers, Harry get second penis

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Following the success of the first season of Harry and Meghan, a new season has been announced that will feature even more outlandish plots than the first.

“The main arc of the season will be Meghan discovering she’s developed superpowers,” explained producer Stewart Bilious.

“They visit Britain to be treated horribly by the Royal Family and she’s bitten by a radioactive horse. After a while, she notices that when her emotions are heightened, like if Kate is being disdainful towards her, she has the power to run fast, bear a man on her back and pull a medium-sized cart.

“Through the season, we see her learn to use her horsey powers for good. To fight against entrenched powerful institutions that treat American actresses badly and also prevent a mugging.”

As with the first season, it’s not just all about Meghan. Her loveable-but-dim husband gets himself into more penis-related scrapes as well.

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“The storyline with Harry’s frostbitten penis? That was enormously popular,” continued Mr Bilious.

“So, we’ve got a hilarious story of Harry developing a second penis, and when he travels back to Britain to berate his father for not buying him the right colour bike, his two penises start banging together and he has to pretend it’s the Coldstream gardens in the garden making the noise and- well, I’m not going to say anymore but suffice to say, I think we’ll see #2penisharry trending.”

The new season will continue the first’s innovative method of telling the story through books, interviews, news reports and other unusual media.

“We’ll probably do something on a podcast, and the two penis story might even be told through a free-to-play mobile game.”

Such is the confidence in Harry and Meghan that Season 3 is already in the works that will see Meghan make contact with a hyper-intelligent alien species and Harry accidentally set fire to his balls.