‘People can just walk the rest of the way from Watford’ – HS2 bosses defend reports trains may not reach London

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HS2 bosses have today defended reports that the train may not run through central London by pointing out that people can simply walk the rest of the way, from Watford.

With news emerging that the Euston terminus for HS2 may be scrapped due to rising construction costs, bosses have moved to reassure passengers that the multi-billion pound project will still be useful for people travelling from Manchester, if they don’t mind walking from Watford, or maybe Milton Keynes.

A Spokesperson for HS2 confirmed, “It’s not that far.

“Especially if you look at it on Google Maps and zoom out a bit, it’s only about an inch or so.

“We were going to go all the way into London, but it just costs so much money.  We are already just making up figures as we go along so we better nip it in the bud.

“And it’s loads of hassle building it, all that track and new stations and stuff; frankly we can’t be bothered.

“People can just jump off at Watford and walk the rest of the way.

“And if anybody moans about it, they are just being bloody lazy.

“Now can we have another £80 billion please to get to the next phase of this project?”