EXCLUSIVE! We take a look at a leaked transcript of Nadine Dorries’ new talk show interview with Boris Johnson

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Nadine Dorries is to host her own talk show on niche TV channel TalkTV, with the first episode featuring an interview with Boris Johnson due to air on 3rd February.

We have been given access to a transcript of that interview with the former prime minister, which we can exclusively reveal below.


Dorries: Hello and welcome to Natter with Nadine, my new show here on TalkTv, where I get to talk to the most interesting people in the world today, who are also willing to talk to me. Today I am delighted to be joined by the best prime minister this country has ever seen, Boris Johnson.

Johnson: Thank you Nadine, it’s lovely to be here. Just tremendous.

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Dorris: And a very warm welcome to you Boris. Let me start where I am sure everyone wants me to start, by asking you – just how did you juggle managing the country while remaining so handsome?

Johnson: Well, thank you Nadine, that’s a very kind thing to say. But I’m just a busy Dad doing my best, trying to write a book, which will hopefully be out soon and I think your viewers will enjoy a great deal.

Dorries: Did you get my Christmas present?

Johnson: I’m sorry? Christmas present? I’m sure I did, and very kind of you it was too.

Dorries: Did you like it?

Johnson: Yes, I’m sure I did, obviously. I’m very grateful indeed. Thank you again. So this book it will document the…

Dorries: Are you wearing it now?

Johnson: W..wearing it? No, I couldn’t possibly. I’ll probably keep it for a special occasion.

Dorries: Oh, that’s a shame. What special occasion?

Johnson: Oh I don’t know, it’s a figure of speech. A nice event at some point in the future.

Dorries: It sounds lovely. Will I be invited?

Johnson: Oh, I’m sure you will Nadine. When the time comes.

Dorries: That’s not a ‘yes’ though, is it Boris? I’d like you to say, ‘Yes Nadine, I will invite you to all my future special occasions’.

Johnson: I’m sure you will get an invite, don’t fret Nadine.

Dorries: I’m not fretting, and I…. [rips earpiece out of her ear] I don’t CARE if we need to go to an ad-break, I really must push you on this Boris. Will you commit now, on national television and to hundreds of viewers to inviting me to any and ALL future special occasions? Especially if there is a free bar.

Johnson: Yes, Nadine you have my word.

Dorries: Thank you. Finally. We’ll be right back after this short break.


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