Hilarious Man says ‘the interwebs’

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A hilarious man has referred to the internet as ‘the interwebs’ because he is very, very hilarious.

The hilarious incident took place at the hilarious man’s sister’s house. His brother-in-law asked him where he had seen an article and, quick-as-a-flash, the hilarious man replied ‘on the interwebs.’

“Yes, it is hilarious, isn’t it, saying ‘the interwebs’ to mean the Internet. That’s why I said it, because I’m hilarious. Saying ‘the Internet’ is way too square and nerdish for a hilarious person like me,” said Simon William, the hilarious man in question.

His family, who witnessed the hilarious incident, declared it to be very hilarious.

“When Si said ‘the interwebs’? Yeah, that was really, really hilarious. I laughed a lot,” said Simone, Simon’s sister who isn’t hilarious, but enjoys it when Simon is.

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“It’s just a really hilarious way of saying ‘the internet’ isn’t it? I thought it was brilliant. I wish I could be as hilarious as Si, but I’m just normal and so I’d never think to say something as hilarious as ‘the interwebs.’”

Never one to rest on his laurels, Mr Williams is planning to be hilarious again tomorrow.

“Yes, I’m going to refer to YouTube as ‘the tube place.’ Because I’m hilarious.”