Queue building in Gents loo after man chooses to use the middle of three urinals

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A queue has been reported in a Gents’ toilet after a man took it upon himself to seize control of all three urinals by choosing to use the middle one.

According to reports, the public convenience, located in a small cinema in Margate, has three urinals adjacent to each other, in addition to a couple of stalls. Simon Williams, the duty manager of the cinema, realised something was amiss when he saw a queue form out of the door.

“Queues for the Ladies’ loo are obviously very common, but I’ve never seen this before,” he told us, absent-mindedly grabbing a handful of popcorn from under the counter.

“A film had just ended, and a load of blokes headed to the loo for a quick piss, as usual. But before long, they were queueing out of the door, leading me to believe that either they all need a shit, or an incredibly selfish bloke has chosen to use the middle urinal, thereby putting the other two out of action.”

One customer, Christopher James, told us while hopping from foot to foot, “We all know that you can’t stand at a urinal right next to someone; there has to be a spare urinal in between. Clearly some selfish prick has decided to only use the middle one.”

He went on, “I’m getting pretty desperate now.

“But not desperate enough to stand right next to another man while he’s pissing. No thanks.”

It is anticipated that when the queue finally ends that the manager will cordon off the middle urinal, thereby ensuring that at least the urinals on either side can be used at the same time.