Latest YouGov poll shows 100% of the public support Nadhim Zahawi

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The latest public survey undertaken by YouGov has shown that 100% of the public is supportive of Nadhim Zahawi, and believes that he should stay in his role as Conservative Party Chairman.

As Zahawi comes under increasing pressure due to his accidental oversight in not declaring millions of pounds of income to the taxman, it was thought that he would be forced to step down due to the controversy.

However, YouGov has come to his aid, illustrating that the angry noises on social media and calls for him to resign are nothing more than wokeist mob’s echo chamber, and the calls are of complete insignificance, given everyone, everywhere, still backs him 100%.

“I am delighted to receive such resounding support from the public,” explained Zahawi.

“There is nothing more reliably indicative of public sentiment than a timely – and completely trustworthy – poll. Which this one is. Definitely.

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“I am hopeful this will put the matter to bed, and that those last few people out there who are distrustful of me will finally accept that I simply forgot to declare millions and millions of pounds in income. It could happen to anyone.

“Well, anyone who became a multi-millionaire by founding a polling organisation.”

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