My Bentley is built like a tank so I don’t really need a seatbelt

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has defended his decision not to wear a seatbelt in the back of his car, insisting that even if a Land Rover smashed into his Bentley he’d probably not even notice.

The prime minister explained, “I get that people are a bit annoyed by that video of me in the car with no seatbelt, but honestly, these things are built like tanks.

“If someone bumps into you when you’re in a Bentley, you don’t even notice. Even more so if you’re the one doing the bumping. Kerbs, cyclists, even those funny little toy cars that some people have – what are they called? Ah, yes, Ford Fiestas. The Bentley just keeps on rolling as smoothly as ever.

“I do remember one very small bump a couple of years ago, but my driver said we’d run over something. I think he called it a ‘saxo’?

“Not wearing a seatbelt in my Bentley puts me at zero risk, so please don’t worry about me, I will be fine, I promise. If the worst happened, and I WAS in an accident, I probably wouldn’t even spill my coffee.

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“And even that wouldn’t happen as all of my police out-riders keep the road clear ahead of me anyway. It’s probably best if you all start thinking of the laws of the land as being applicable to you, but not to me – you’ll be much less disappointed in the long run.”