BBC apologises after viewers of FA Cup live broadcast forced to listen to Danny Murphy

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The BBC has apologised today after viewers were made to listen to the dulcet tones of Danny Murphy during last night’s FA Cup broadcast. 

With coverage also appearing to include loud sex noises in the studio due to a prank involving a mobile phone, bosses at the BBC have today apologised for the sounds, heard clearly by viewers, that were coming out of Danny Murphy’s mouth. 

A spokesperson for BBC confirmed, “Nobody wants to hear that. But unfortunately, he’s got a further 12-month contract as a pundit, so we are sort of obliged to broadcast those noises coming from his mouth.

“We are aware of some unwelcome audio being transmitted during last night’s coverage of the FA Cup tie on BBC1 and we would like to apologise for any offence caused.

“Obviously viewers expect more from us, and do not wish to be subjected to such embarrassing and unwanted utterances while they try to enjoy the football.

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“Unfortunately, we can confirm that Danny Murphy and indeed Paul Ince will probably get another go at being a pundit, because we’ve already paid them. 

“Once again, we are sorry.

“Let’s just hope that next time the ecstatic moaning is loud enough to drown them out entirely.”

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