Man who hates cancel culture calls for an end to the BBC

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A man who posts several times a week about the ‘cancer of cancel culture’ has today called for an end to the BBC, keeping an entirely straight face while doing so.

Simon Williams, 48, is a self-proclaimed free speech advocate who believes you should be able to say whatever you like, whenever you like. He does, however, have his limits.

Williams explained, “The wokeist lefty BBC should be disbanded. Burn it to the ground for all I care. There is nothing good in anything they do or say, and society would be a much better place if they disappeared entirely, taking their wokey nonsense with them.

“No, of course this isn’t me advocating for cancel culture – what a silly thing to say. Cancel culture is when woke mobs call for the end to things they deem ‘not worthy’, whereas this is me calling for the end of the BBC because they don’t align with every single one of my personal values.

“Only an idiot would think they are the same.”

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