“Okay, I’ll pay my taxes if I HAVE to”, Nadhim Zahawi tells HMRC

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Conservative party chairman Nadhim Zahawi has told the tax office that he will pay them millions he owes in back taxes from an offshore company that has been used to hold shares in his name, after finally giving up on his attempts to avoid paying it.

Zahawi will pay the taxes after an agreement was reached with the tax authorities over the previse amount still outstanding.

A spokesperson for Zahawi told us, “We feel Nadhim has been unfairly picked on just because he held millions of pounds in shares in a Gibraltar-registered family trust.

“I’m sure you would do the same if you sold a company and personally benefitted to the tune of £20m.

“Anyway, it’s all resolved now, and we’ve agreed to pay what the tax man wants, so let’s just pretend this never happened, yeah?”

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Meanwhile, taxpayers at home have been left wondering why Zahawi’s attempts to avoid paying tax won’t result in a custodial sentence.

“If I’ve got this right, he set up a complex offshore arrangement to avoid paying tax in the UK, but now he’s agreed to pay that tax because he always actually owed that tax?

“But he’s NOT going to prison like everyone else who tries to evade tax? Blimey, the Tories are really leaning into this whole ‘corrupt government’ thing these days, aren’t they.”

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