Man furious that asylum seekers cost us millions each year not that bothered about tax avoidance costing us billions each year

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Saving money for the taxpayer is only important if you can also make the lives of some brown people more miserable while you do it, according to some voters today.

As the Commons Public Accounts Committee revealed that last year the amount of tax debt owed to the British taxpayer by people and companies was £42 billion, many voters have simply shrugged their shoulders.

Voter Simon Williams, who has a Google alert set up for every mention of Nigel Farage, told us, “Sure, £42bn sounds like a lot of money, but it’s nothing when you compare it to a boatload of Syrians who cost the taxpayer about £50k a year EACH until their claims are processed!

“We need to prioritise and focus all of our energy on stopping migrants coming to our shores, and when we’ve saved the £50 million a year that it costs to put these asylum seekers in hotels, we can start looking at how we go about collecting the £42 billion that people already owe in taxes.

“Plus I’m sure all these people and companies who haven’t paid the tax they owe the Exchequer will want to pay their bills the very moment they see how seriously we take the misuse of taxpayer money – well, when it’s being spent on brown people.”