Government hoping no one notices that their £42 billion tax avoidance black hole could comfortably give every public sector worker a 10% pay rise

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The government is really hoping that calculator owners don’t take a cursory look at what they could do with all the tax they are not collecting.

After the Commons Public Accounts Committee announced there is £42 billion in outstanding tax debt that the government doesn’t have the resources to collect, a nation of people who only studied maths to 16 have still all arrived at the same obvious conclusion.

Taxpayer Sharon Williams told us, “Hang on, the Office of Budget Responsibility’s own figures said it would cost about £18 billion to give every public sector worker a 10% pay rise, which the government said it couldn’t afford. Fair enough I suppose. Yet the government hasn’t gone after the £42 billion in tax that it’s already owed by businesses and individuals.

“Let me do some quick calculations… yep… then you carry the… yep…okay. Right. Yes, it looks here like we could collect all the tax we are already owed, give all the public sector workers a 10% pay rise, and still have £24 billion left over to give the NHS a 15% budget bump.

“Then again, I only have a GCSE in maths, so what do I know? But I do think that if you can’t afford 18 of something, because someone else owes you 42 of something, the answer is pretty simple.

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