‘It was my favourite bowl’ Prince Harry’s dog reveals all in exclusive Netflix interview

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Prince Harry’s dog has opened up about losing his favourite dog bowl in a devastating interview to be aired on Netflix this week. 

With allegations emerging earlier of an altercation between the Prince and his brother William, further revelations have now come to light from Harry’s dog Pula in an emotional tell-all interview about how the bowl was broken. 

Speaking ahead of the interview, he told us, “I loved that bowl. And now it’s gone. Forever.

“It’s time for me to tell my story and what life was like for me after the incident. I lost my f**king dog bowl! And I don’t think people really understand what that’s like. 

“I was shocked. One minute these two grown-ups were shouting at each other, and then the bald one pushed the ginger one right onto MY bowl breaking it into pieces!

“There was even a little water in there, which went to waste completely.

“But that’s not all that happened. You will need to tune in to the documentary to find out. On Netflix.”

Asked if anything else actually happened to him on the day of the alleged incident or if he was just trying to get more viewers, we were told, “Oh, so almost MISSING a walk is nothing?”