Motivation to make 2023 ‘your year’ dead after reading just three work e-mails

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2023 can already go and f**k itself, according to you this morning.

Despite bounding out of bed with a renewed sense of energy and self-worth, all of that went away the minute you settled down at your desk and started to catch up on the dreck that you blissfully ignored between Christmas and New Year.

“Can you please address this? It’s not part of your job, somebody else who gets paid more than you do is supposed to do it, but they don’t know how to. Many thanks!” read one such email.

“You STILL haven’t sent these documents to me,” insisted a further email, to which you will reply, “These were sent in November, see attached. REGARDS.”

“Hi all, a reminder that the work’s Zoom new year pub quiz is coming up this Tu-” said another email from Barry, which you didn’t bother to finish reading and deleted immediately.

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Following the slew of wonderfulness, you sighed, made another coffee and decided to just hack your way through this year instead of trying to do anything with it.